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About Me

I am Suleena, your Spiritual healer, Psychic medium and Transformational Mentor. I am experienced in providing Spiritual Counselling and Physic reading is one of my expertise. I provide guidance to people when there are impediments in the progression of life. When there are insecurities about future, things go out of hands and a great deal of terrible contemplations begin staying in the mind, at that point I help people to come out of these anxious situations through my healing practices. I feel people should not live in doubts about the future, infact they must enjoy their “Today” and keep their minds strong enough to deal all the difficult circumstances of life.

I want people to understand the reality of their existence, they should transform their lives if needed because changes are a part of life and people should learn to gain proficiency with the significance of transformation. I believe that the greatest power lives inside you. I’ll help you to perceive your capacity through divine healings and ancient traditional solutions to maintain the positivity in your life while accepting transformations.


“Suleena is my life guide! She brought me back from the dark thoughts which were dominating my life to a great extent.” – Manav Singh

“I am so grateful that I got a chance to take spiritual healings. You helped me to gain my self confidence and I am so thankful to you”. – Vedika Mathur

“You are truly inspiring. I never knew my life is this easy, I was always into some trouble but soon I realized that everything is in my mind only”. – S.K. Bhardwaj

Helping You Find Solutions With Personalized Healing Sessions

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There are remedies in my healing practices which will bring you out from the darkness and take to towards a brighter future.

I Provide Solutions for:

Financial Problems

Love life & Relationship Issues

Health Problems

Depression, Anxiety and Loneliness

Negativity Removal

Psychic predictions and guidance

Troubles in Relationship

Meditation Workshops

Mentorship Program

Guidance while taking big decisions in Life

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